Nov 7th Update From Partner Pre-Launch Contest [And Swipes]

Easy Webinar 5.0 JV Partners…

I wanted to send you a quick message and update!

So tomorrow the plan is on Nov 7th @ NOON PST/3pm EST we are opening up EasyWebinar’s cart. So here’s how you can benefit.

You can send traffic straight to the webinar mini course and let them know that video 4 has just been released. Video 4 in the Webinar Mini Course is all about results. It is a nice case study reel.

Typically we link straight to the EasyWebinar sales page from that page, but what we’ll do is because we are opening the cart up at Noon, we will simply remove the link back to EasyWebinar from the Case Study video page.

They can watch the video, enjoy it, and will be on our list whom we will be mailing out as well about the cart opening.

So you have a couple options. Feel free to mail to the Case Study Page before noon or after. Because either way will work.

Below is a swipe file you can use for Video 4 &
a Cart Open swipe as well!

————————–4th Video ‘Case Study Video’ Swipes————————

Subject: The Proof
Subject: The one tool to rule them all
Subject: The only ‘Webinar Marketing Tool’ you’ll ever need
Subject: 7 people tell their webinar stories…
Subject: EasyWebinar goes live tomorrow-Hear from people like you
Subject: case study: Jason made 14k from his first automated webinar

Hi [Firstname],

I am super psyched to be sharing this with you!

You may have been hearing the buzz of an all-in-one

webinar/event software that’s just about to open

it’s doors.

It is truly revolutionary, allowing you to do

all different types of events.

  • Live events
  • Automated events
  • Online Summits
  • Weekly WebShows

and more.

And soon, EasyWebinar will be opening their doors.

Webinars have been proven to build a
deeper engagement with your audience,
position you as the expert and sell high
ticket prices more than anything
else on the market.

But the problem is that there isn’t an all
in one solution that encompasses all of the best
types of webinars/events that businesses crave
to bring in more engaged leads and consistent sales!

That is until now…with EasyWebinar.

EasyWebinar opens their cart for their newest version


With EasyWebinar you can say goodbye to GoToWebinar
which charges 6k a year and limits you to only 1000 attendees.

With EasyWebinar you can run unlimited live events to unlimited attendees.

You can also say goodbye to any Automated Webinar platform that
you have which might be costing you a pretty penny!!

Because EasyWebinar streams real time
video in multiple timezones over multiple
days and times.

(Plus they have made is super dead simple
to just upload a YouTube video and their system
will stream it in real time on any device!)

And the beautiful thing about
EasyWebinar is that you can go from a
Live event to an Automated
event with just a couple clicks!

(From a one time event at say 2pm PST to suddenly streaming multiple
times a day in real time in your attendees local timezone…therein capturinga more world wide audience)

In fact right now you can hear from people just
like you who are using EasyWebinar in their business
to run their live events, automated events, online schools,
tv networks and more!

Such as:

Jason Caruso made 14k from his first webinar…
and it was automated. (meaning he recorded it first then sent it out) He did this with a wife and family and a full time job.


Ken Krell was trying to find a solution for his Online Summit and was tired of using GTW after having experienced clunky and unreliable results. He used EW for his latest summit and had RAVE Results and a whole new level of engagement!


John Lee Dumas (Top Business Podcaster who did 52 live weekly webinars last year is now finally leveraging his time better using EasyWebinar. John made $16k+ in the last week of Dec after getting EasyWebinar set up a week earlier.


Rick Mulready (Facebook ad specialist and acclaimed podcaster) since the start of EasyWebinar only a couple a month ago is getting 166% ROI (return on investment) sending Facebook traffic to his automated webinar.


Ingrid Lee: Uses EasyWebinar for her Online Art School, filtering people into the school as well as training her students using it. Without a list Ingrid was able to get 95 people to attend one of her first events and of those 95 people , 50 joined her program.


Diane Wilkins Uses EasyWebinar as the broadcasting tool for her Web TV Network (Authentic You TV) After 2 months of using EasyWebinar, she Increased her sales 600% and generated 200% more leads .


You can hear them tell their own stories now and their experiences with EasyWebinar.

And be sure to keep an eye out when EasyWebinar finally opens their cart up to reveal EasyWebinar 5.0.

This will be a one time opportunity to get the most powerful webinar/event
software online for a one time low price.

Talk soon!

Your Name

——————End Video 4 Case Study Page——————————–

Wow, so this last day we’ve seen some cool movement!
(Leaderboard changes are below…) So thank you to all of
you who have been supporting thus far!

I know you are all going to do super well
during the launch window this week!

Just as an FYI, we are doing some crazy
cool things for the sales of EasyWebinar.

We are actually going to be offering
EasyWebinar for a ONE TIME PAYMENT instead
of yearly during this launch window! 🙂

There is a 2300 bonus package + for the one time payment plus,
a bonus 30 minute webinar strategy call!

This is absolutely huge value and it should convert like crazy.

Here is what the funnel looks like right now.

You see, someone will be able to get the lifetime access to EasyWebinar right from the sales page, or if they choose the yearly, they will be offered an upsell to my program EWM and the removal of EasyWebinar’s yearly billing. So we will cancel their next years payment. They only have to pay 3 payments of $300 to lock in that deal.


The downsell is paying only about 400 dollars
to remove the next rebills.

Here is the funnel below!


My suggestion is to have your bonuses ready!

Cart opens: We anticipate 3pm EST/noon PST Nov 7th.

The best thing you can do is to keep an eye out in the
EasyWebinar partner FB group.

Here at Easy Webinar HQ it becomes hotter and hotter as we progress towards the launch day. Thank you for partnering with us for this amazing sales event which will potentially change the lives and businesses of the people from your lists and online communities.

The message for the day is: Mail! Mail! and more Mail!

And today is no exception! I would definitely still get them in today.

Mail for video 3 today still. That is my suggestion.

Today video 4 opens up in the Mini Course and it is essentially a
testimonial reel that will show them real stories of who is using EasyWebinar and their successes.

Again, I would wait till noon PST/3pm EST for that.

I will send updates in the FB group!

Here is the new Leaderboard List as of 1:30am PST Monday Nov 7th.

The opt in contest runs till the end of the launch because we have a few live streams we’re going to be doing which you can mail off to!

1. Jon Schumacher (Jon has head the top for some time! Thanks for starting early Jon!)

2. Chris Farrell (Chris is 50 leads up from Ryan now…I can smell a competition a brewing.(Westwood!)

3. Ryan Lee (I can see Ryan yelling ‘Freedym’ William Wallace style at the top of his lungs and taking over his spot again. Please make a video of that.)

4. Sarah Arrow (awesome Blog Queen! Keep it up! Staying locked in.)

5. Todd Gross (Still in the game Todd! Doing well my friend!)

6. Camden Forrey (keep up those fb ads)

7. Allan Ngo (Nice Allan, overtook Marilyn!)

8. Marilyn Gordon (You are so close to Allan, like 1 away!)

9. Leon Gerson (Keep it up Leon!)

10. Navid Moazzez (Still getting leads from summit)

People on the rise who have also been rocking the opt ins:

Casey Choate (welcome back), Scott Lovingood (always a pleasure Scott), Vinod Pahilwani, John Smith, Jean Lanoue, Philippe Villoz, Aida Baida Gil, James Winsoar, Mike Pere, Tina Sibley, Ires Alliston, Molly Keyser, Yukinobu Kurata, Alan Ortega, Alex Khan, Ron Jones, Ansis Freimantals, Tim Manning, Tomer Shohatovitz, Hannah Breaux, Lois WYANT, Lisa Nelson, Mindy Neal, Oliver Momeni, Peter Cutforth, Daniel Forde-Pogson, Wai Kei Hooi, John Paduchak, Daniel W. Guzman, Edgady Aponte, Hakan Naslund Näslund, Brian Currie, Adrian Iacob, Ramon Williamson, Joanna Kok, Kyle Musser….

Keep it up everyone!


You can still mail with this swipe today!

—————————Video 3 Subjects—————–

Subject: The Best Kept Secret in the Webinar Marketing World
Subject: This use to cost thousands of dollars a month…but now…
Subject: The 4 steps to the event launch blueprint
Subject: How to double, tripe and quadruple your webinar sales
Subject: How this guys student doubled his webinar income with one simple tweak (seriously)
Subject: Free Download and Video (Event Launch Blueprint-the 4 Most Important Events)
Subject: How this guy does 5 figure product launches and promotions a month

—————————Video 3 Email Body Swipe————————————-

Hi [First Name]

Webinars and online events are hands down the best way to make sales.

Whether those are live or automated events.

Well Casey Zeman the founder of EasyWebinar and best selling author of the book Build Your Audience with Live Video shares a blueprint for maximizing your profits when using events and webinars in your business.

He calls this system, the “Event Launch Blueprint”

(This is something he normally only teaches in his private coaching program)

In the event launch blueprint Casey talks about the 4 most important types of events for double, tripling and quadrupling what you would usually make from your common everyday webinar promotion.

You see most people only do 1 or 2 of these 4 steps when promoting using events and webinars…and it can really show in their bottom line. (Less money)

But Casey reveals these hidden events that have allowed his students to literally make 4 times as much as usual.

In fact he reveals one student who after learning these strategies implemented this one thing to double his profit from his webinar promotions.

This is the training that he shares with his coaching students…but today Casey is sharing it with you!

When you come in you’ll get access to this training
video and 2 previous ones that are dynamite!

Click here to get this training and blueprint!


[Your Name]

P.S. Casey not only shows you what it is but he also shows you why you might not be using it in your business. You see historically this system costed thousands of dollars a month to do…and generally using 3-4 different pieces of software. In this video Casey is going to reveal one tool that can do ALL of these things automatically (and more!)

P.P.S. This is Something that the top webinar marketers don’t WANT you to know. (their hidden money making secret)

Casey reveals it here…and the one tool that can do everything.

——————————-End swipe————————

Let’s do this! The above is the one to mail if you haven’t mailed yet!

But you can also still mail for either video 2 or 1 below and they have been updated to make mention of all videos that someone can get access to when they come in now.

—————————– Video 2 Email Swipe ————————

Subject: Automation is key to any business
Subject: Automate and Engage = Leads and Sales
Subject: The ultimate business model
Subject: How do the top online marketers make thousands a day?
Subject: New training on Automated Traffic to Automated Selling Tool Subject: Free Download and Video -( 6 keys to an automated funnel) Subject: case study [166% ROI on an automated funnel]


Hi [First Name]

Automation is the lifeblood of lead generation online.

But what if I could tell you that you could automate your engagement…


Yep, there is a secret sauce for making THE BEST SELLING SYSTEM completely AUTOMATED, but still have a high level of engagement and trust building which increases lead generation and sales by 200%.

In this training video, Founder of EasyWebinar and Live Video and Automated Webinar expert Casey Zeman shares the MOST important aspects of an automated webinar to increase conversions,lead generation and of course profits.

Learn More Here =>

He also highlights some folks using Automated Webinars right now to profit every single day on auto-pilot.

Using the power of automated traffic to send to an automated webinar.

And one case study reveals a 166% ROI on a real life working automated webinar funnel.

Watch this video now and download Casey’s Automated Event BLUEPRINT! When you come into this training there are bonus training videos that you get as well!

Learn More Here =>

This is the most comprehensive explanation of the best things to do during an automated webinar/event.

Click Here to Get Access Now

To your success,

[Your Name]

————————-Original Swipes For Mini Course———————–


————————-Original Swipes For Mini Course———————–

Subject: How to build a profitable 6 figure webinar sales funnel

Subject: Know, Like and Trust = a Business (How?)

Subject: The one thing that allowed him to sell his product and grow his list…

Subject: This builds relationships and authority which equals sales

Subject: The #1 Best Way to Generate Leads and Sales Online (hands down)

Subject: the ultimate sales strategy that has stood the test of time.

Subject: 99% of the most successful online entrepreneurs use this…

Subject: Best Webinar Course I’ve seen online (And it’s free)


This has got to be the best Webinar
training by far that i’ve seen! And it’s free.

And it’s not just me that is saying it.
Here’s someone who just went through it!


This course was designed by EasyWebinar founder Casey Zeman

And is intended to do one thing. Provide you clarity.

Clarity on what can be accomplished with webinars,
but more over…the HOW.

Too often experts don’t share with you how to actual succeed. Yes, they tell you that you need it to be successful, but that’s it.

Today I wanted to give you actual strategies and tangible training that can start you on the right path NOW from Casey Zeman.

Casey takes a deep dive into actual strategies in this program.

Don’t let the ‘FREE’ fool you.

It is chalk full of actionable steps that you can go implement right after the first video (and succeed in).

Immediately you’ll get access to a 6 step
plan to a high converting sales webinar.

Plus there’s a PDF that you can download and
take notes with while you watch and consume the training.

This series will finally give you a way to profit and grow your business while you work less, build better relationships with those around you, and generate more income than you ever thought possible.

Sound too good to be true?

Check it out here


Fact: Casey never made any money online till he started using Webinars…And in fact did terrible webinars when he first started out…but yet…still profited.

In this video series, Casey shows you how even if you are just starting out, you can have success! When you access this training you immediately get access to all 3 videos that have gone live!

Check it out here


Click Here

( )to learn the one thing that will allow you to profit and build your business even as a complete beginner.

To your success,


————————-Swipes End For Mini Course——————–

OK! Nice!

Now you can still send traffic to the Playbook and we will get them to the webinar mini course, but honestly, the webinar mini course converts super well!

But Again here are your swipes for the Playbook below. You can see more of the swipe resources at

And here is your unique link for the Webinar Expert Series:

—————OR Still send out for Webinar Expert Series if You’d Like———-

Subject options

Subject: PDF + Video Course [Webinar Playbook]
Subject: These Webinar Experts Share All
Subject: 13+ Webinar Experts Share Tips
Subject: Play by play to more leads, sales and customer happiness
Subject: 13+people tell their webinar stories…
Subject: You’re in for a treat…
Subject: Webinar training week
Subject: The next evolution of webinars is here


I have a special treat for you.

My guess is that you’re an expert in your field and as someone on my list, I wanted to share with you a little insight into my business that’s going to relate to you.

You see, there’s something that i’ve been interested in for years.

If you’ve known me for any particular time, chances are you’ve seen me use exactly what I’m going to share with you.

This one thing has helped me stay connected to you.

Do you know what it is?

This one thing is used by top experts in their field as the most effective selling and engagement tool in their arsenal of business tools.

This one thing can be bridge the gap of impersonality on the web to bring in a flood of engaged and excited prospect and turn them into buyers.

This one thing can also:

  • Be used to create an automatic and profitable sales funnel that works for you while you sleep.
  • Bring in the highest earning per individual lead source around.
  • Can be used as a platform for selling and running training programs.
  • Bring freedom and flexibility to teach to anyone in the world at any time.
  • Position you as the expert in your niche and field.
  • Create a know, like and trust with your audience in the fastest most concentrated way possible.

Ok did you figure it out?

One word. Webinars.

I’ve used them, you’ve been on them, and they plain work for lead generation, sales and customer nurturing and even coaching fulfillment.

But…what’s interesting is that fewer people actually
do them due to these reasons:

1. Fear of getting in front of the camera.
2. Fear of tech
3. Fear of saying the wrong things.
4. Fear of not making sales
5. Assuming they don’t work in your business.

But if you’ll notice, the common word in
all 5 mentioned above is…


Brendon Burchard says “Challenge is the
pathway to engagement and progress in our lives.”

…And of course Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So if you’ve ever had any of those fears above…
it’s ok, I totally get it…and have been there before.

But I wanted to share with you something
that will alleviate those fears.

Casey Zeman, founder of EasyWebinar has brought together 13+ experts (in different industries) who use webinars (and EasyWebinar) to generate more revenue, leverage their time and create freedom to work from anywhere.


(This is the book image URL

These are folks just like you who’ve had success running webinars/online events.

Experts like:

John Lee Dumas
Ryan Lee
Marcia Ramsland
Greg Hickman
Jon Schumacher
Diane Wilkins
Devin Duncan
Amy Porterfield
and more…

Their top webinar tips have been distilled down into an easy to digest ‘Webinar Expert Playbook’ that you get 100% free.

In fact when you sign up, you get:

  • The Webinar Expert Playbook PDF
  • Video Interviews From These Experts
  • And Access to the Webinar Mini Course
    (A 4 video training that’s valued at $997 itself)

All for free.

Get Your Free Webinar Playbook Now


Casey Zeman founded EasyWebinar a few years ago after looking for a better way to create and run webinars.

In fact, Casey says that when he started out,he was TERRIBLE at webinars. He’d forget what he was saying, or ramble on, or have tech issues constantly. However, with all of those problems, in his first year of using webinars to sell his products online, he generated an email list of 14k and sold 245k in 12 months.

When you pick up the Webinar Expert Playbook, you also get access to his Webinar Mini Course which shares insight into how as a beginner or someone terrible at webinars, you can still succeed.

If you’re ready to learn more. Click here to get
access to this Playbook PDF& VIDEOS absolutely free.


The PDF alone is worth getting a good cup of coffee to sit down and absorb everything that’s in it. And if you think the PDF is awesome, just wait until you start watching the full-length videos.



Ok! That’s it from me. Have an awesome day and let me know what you think about the playbook itself? Shoot me an email back!

To your success

First name

—————————–END OF Playbook Swipe————————–

Alright go out there and kill it!

Here are the top Opt in prizes!

1st Place – $3k cash (500 or more opt ins to qualify)

2nd Place – $2k cash (400 or more opt ins to qualify)

3rd Place – $1k cash (250 or more opt ins to qualify)

4th Place – $500 cash (150 or more opt ins to qualify)

5th Place – $250 cash (100 or more opt ins to qualify)

6th Place – $100 cash (50 or more opt ins to qualify)

7th Place – $50 cash (25 or more opt ins to qualify)

8th Place – $25 cash (10 or more opt ins to qualify)

Again important dates:

Total Opt-ins contest continues into the 2nd week with the 4 video series!

Cart Opens: Monday Nov. 7th: The cart and offer opens up for EasyWebinar! (Time to have your bonuses ready and be sure to mail to both those who came into the opt ins and those who didn’t.)


Where can you go to look at your stats?

Here are your affiliate details:

Access your the resource center below:

Each email I send will have your partner link and swipes so often times just search in your email for your affiliate links! Let’s make some money!


P.S. Are you in the Private FB group? CLICK HERE.

P.S. If your Infusionsoft login info shows nothing above then you are not signed up yet as an affiliate.

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Casey is the founder and CEO of EasyWebinar.