Want to win some cool prizes or cash for promoting EasyWebinar?

We continuously give out cash or prizes to those partners who can sell a certain number of units of EasyWebinar! What are some common prizes we offer?

Prizes include a private guided African Safari adventure trip of a lifetime (valued at over $15 000), an exotic trip to Tahiti and Fiji (valued at over $10 000), a cruise in Burgundy, France (valued at $7000), Apple iMac 27" Desktops, iPad Airs, iPhone 7, Mevo Camera and more! (Prizes subject to change)

1st Place Prize

Private and Guided African Safari Adventure (value of $15,000) or cash value of $15,000 (Minimum 250 Sales)

2nd Place Prize

A Taste of Paradise. Exotic Pacific Island Cruise -Tahiti and Fiji (value of $10,000) or cash value of $10,000 (Minimum 200 Sales)

3rd Place Prize

Canal Cruise and Wine and Dine In Burgundy, France (value of $7,000) or cash value of $7,000 (Minimum 150 Sales)

4th Place Prize

Fly like Iron Man or Dive like Aquaman with your very own Water jet Pack ($5,000 value) or cash value of $5,000 (Minimum 120 Sales)

5th Place Prize

Apple iMac 27" Desktop with Retina 5K display ($3000 value) or cash value of $3,000 (Minimum 60 Sales)

6th Place Prize

Take Virtual Flight with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ v3.0 with Gimbal-Stabilized 14MP Camera
($1,500 value) or cash value of $1,500 (minimum 40 sales)

7th Place Prize

iPad Air 32 GB + Apple Watch ($1000 value) or cash equivalent to 1,000 (minimum 20 sales)

8th Place Prize

iPhone 7 ($750 value) or cash equivalent to $750 (minimum 18 sales)

9th Place Prize

iPad Mini 4 ($500 value) or cash equivalent to $500 (minimum of 10 sales)

10th Place Prize

Mevo Live Stream Camera for Facebook Live and Live Stream (valued at $350) (minimum 7 sales)

11th- 15th Place Prizes

11-15th get Full EasyWebinar Agency License/Level. [5 Sales Minimum]

Contact Casey Zeman

Skype: casey.zeman
Email: caseyzeman@gmail.com
Phone: 917-846-3369

Launch Contest Terms & Conditions

  • You must be signed up as an easywebinar affiliate at the easywebinar partners site. (Opt-in to sign up)
  • You cannot SPAM in any way.
  • You will not qualify for partners contest if you offer cash rebates, discounts or payback to your subscribers in any form.
  • Launch starts : Dates vary
  • Physical prizes can be exchanged for cash equivalent and we reserve the right to swap them for cash value listed above.
  • All prizes will be awarded after the full 60-day refund period, including split payments if applicable. If you drop below number of sales required due to refunds, you may lose eligibility for your prize.
  • You agree that the cash value listed is the value of the prize for the purposes of this competition.
  • Sales minimums are for full copies. Split pay sales if applicable count as 1/3rd towards minimum sale numbers each.
  • You must abide by the main “Affiliate Promotion Terms and Conditions”
  • You MUST ensure the sales you send know what product they are purchasing, i.e do not send straight to cart.